Nurkala Kalimantra Riot In Suralaya

The glass screen, Gusti
Is shadowing wayang
Wayang's obeying dalang
Dalang's ruling wayang
Its shadow is sign, Gusti

MERCUKUNDA, SURALAYA—Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru Jagatnata is Sang Hyang Otipati, the king of Jagat Triloka, sitting on the throne of Kursi Gading Gilang Kencana, visited by divas, bataras, sanghyangs, gods, goddess, all citizens of Sorgaloka.

JAGATNATA: My brother, Kakang Panji Narada—what does really happen in this Kahyangan? The Magma of Candradimuka bubbles, lava seethes, earth quakes, Gerbang Selamatangkep cracks, Palace damages. What is this, Kang Panji?

NARADA: Mercy me, Adi Guru—very very sorry. Those all are caused by the giant soldiers from the state of Tunggulwesi led by General Nurkala Kalimantra. He wants the throne of heaven. That's it, Gusti Pramesti.

JAGATNATA: O the heaven of divas! How cursed he is! Why isn't he banned?

NARADA: It is, Adi Guru—Cingkarabala and Balaupata succeeded to block the giant soldiers by closing Gerbang Selamatangkep. And now they are in the desert of Repatkepanasan. To follow it up, we are waiting for your command, Adi Guru.

JAGATNATA: Don't let those creatures trample Kahyangan down. Let them go! Chase them away! If needed, kill them!

NARADA: All right, Gusti! Let me go—Indra!

INDRA: Yes, Sir!

NARADA: Equip all war power of to attack the mal-troops of Nurkala Kalimantra.

INDRA: Yes, Sir!

“Attention! All divas are well prepared: Batara Brama, Batara Wisnu, Batara Surya, Batara Bayu, Batara Kamajaya, Batara Sambu, Batara Kuwera, Batara Yamadipati, Batara Aswan, Batara Aswin, Batara Bermana, Batara Bermani, Batara Bermana-kanda, Batara Citragada, Batara Citrasena, Batara Sambodana, Batara Rawiatmaja, Batara Karaba, Hyang Patuk, Hyang Tem-boro, Hyang Dewanggana, Hyang Dewasana, Hyang Dewang-kara, Hyang Sanggana, Hyang Pancadewa, Hyang Pancaweda, Hyang Dewatama,—”

“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!—”

All divas are prepared
To attack Triloka's foes!

The mal-giants
Are in action

REPATKEPANASAN—General Nurkala Kalimantra is waiting hatefully, standing angrily.

KALIMANTRA: Grrrk-cuah-huahaha… e, e, bojleng-bojleng the devil's evil! Where is Jagatnata? Surely he is hiding in the armpit of an angle! Afraid of me! Huahaha… is such a model fitting to be maharajadiraja of all divas? Descend from the throne, Jagatnata! Give it to me! If not, Suralaya will go heavily wrecked and ruin!

KALAMURKA: The deuce, Gusti—look! Selamatangkep Gate opens. The divas declare to war!

KALIMANTRA: Grrrk-cuah! The cursed devils! Attack!

“Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack—”

The giants move

Angrily! Cruelly!
The giants fight!

“You dare to diva?”
“Why not? You are fighter, so am I! You are manly, so am I! Prove: who is better, to be the best fighter!”
“Khhk-cuah! Mad giant!”—(Clap!)—“Ciiaatt!”—(Jder!)
Boxing! Fighting!
(Bet!)—“Hih!”—(Dez! Dig! Bugh!)—“Hegkh!”—(Bruk!)
“Stand up, Diva!”
“Ouch… m-mercy m-me….”
Kicking! Attacking! (Brak!)—“Aakkhh!”
Without moving he is dying.
“Brama, loser! Bayu, back off!”
“All divas, back off! Back off!”
“Back off! Back off! Back off!—”

NARADA: Bad luck! All divas lose their power. Wisnu!

WISNU: Yes, Sir!

NARADA: Forward!

WISNU: Yes, Sir !

“Nurkala Kalimantra! Fight me Batara Wisnu!”
“Who? Wisnu? March—where is the champion of divas? Grrrk-cuah! Look, are you sleeping? O facing downward! What are you doing, Wisnu?”
“No mal-question! Feel this missile of Cakra—you die!”—(Wuzz! Clap!)
(Krep!)—“Huahaha… such a missile does not wrok!”—(Pluk! Ccss!)
“Crazy! Useless, Wisnu!”
“Ouch, damn it—”
“Run! Run! Run!”

Diva's fighting
All away flying

NARADA: Oops, Adi Guru—bad luck! All divas had no power, all angles didn't win. What is to do now, Adi Guru?

JAGATNATA: Kakang Panji Narada, please go down to earth to look for a champion of divas—a man of planet a guy of earth!

NARADA: All right, Adi Guru!

As comes gara-gara:
Sign of middle tale

KARANG KABOLOTAN.—A suburban village. Old Dusun. Far-touching Dukuh. Lonely isolated! In the middle oh clearing, in the valley, in the foot of a mountain, there is a hut made of palm-fiber. That is the house of Ki Semar Badranaya and all the sons of Panakawan of Amarta. Without city pollution, they live happily. live is full of joy joke.

Lir ilir, lir ilir
Tandure wus sumilir

“Er, Truk—come here! Bring me a golok and bamboo.”
“What for?
“For fire! Let's be hot: evening—fog is going down. Er, where is Bagong?”
“Beats me! Looking for boar, maybe? The weather like this: so many corn-bugs in the clearing.”
“And, Father—where is he?”
“Waiting for Mr. Jun!”
“In the hill?”
“Ho-oh, brrr… cold!”
“Burn this corn!”
“Ah, boring! In such a nuance: I miss my lover! Hehehe….”

Love adoring
Miss hunting

“Indah, my beloved!”

SEMAR: What's up, Mr. Jun?

ARJUNA: The Parachute Tunggulnaga rescuer of missile Ardadedali falls right here in this hill. Look, here you are! Fortunately, it is not exploded together with the aircraft loaded with Ardadedali that had been shot by the enemy.

SEMAR: O, o, o.

ARJUNA: Now, let's go to Indraprasta. I hope my brother Yudistira has found the state principles of Kalimasada.

SEMAR: OK, Sir.—Sons, let's go down town!

“Nah!” “Ok, Dad!”
“Come on, Gong. Town!”

Goes downhill Arjuna
Passing through jungle

The ban of Cakil
The evil devil

MARGASOPANA—General Arjuna and Panakawan fight the band of bandits.

“S-stop! W-what is y-your name? W-where are y-you g-going? F-from w-where? Five thousands! Hurry up!”
“What! Robbing me?”
“Hit n beat, Gong!”
“Pragalba, Rambutgeni, Galiuk, Bita Terong—march attacking!”
“Yes, Sir!” “All right!” “Great!” “Ok!”—(Jlap! Jlap! Jlap!)—“Look out!”—(Klick!)—“Hiiaa!”—(Dreder-der...!)—“You die!”
“Hehehe… Fool giant!”

All giants die
Then Arjuna meets Narada

NARADA: Eladah… bergenzong so long no sing song! Luckily, Jun—we meet. And Ki Semar, too, hahaha… how are you?

SEMAR: Dull news! Eh, Nar—why does diva idle here? Are you jobless in Kahyangan?

NARADA: Sorry, Ki Semar—you see…. Kahyangan is riotous! Suralaya is attacked by mal-troops of Nurkala Kalimantra. Divas lose, mortally wounded, surrendered! All angles are restless! I am ordered to look for a champion of divas in this earth. That's it, Ki Semar.

SEMAR: O, o, o… what's his name? Nurkala Kalimantra! Eureka! He has the similar family tree with the giant-king Kalimataya who attacked Suralaya but was destroyed by the great expert of nuclear Prof. Manumayasa. Now there is no champion for divas but General Arjuna.

NARADA: All right, Ki Semar! Are you ok, Jun?

ARJUNA: Yes, Sir!

In a hurry Arjuna goes
To Suralaya mal-foes

The giant's wounded. Died!
Without hurting heart!

REPATKEPANASAN—Ardadedali missile destroys Nurkala Kalimantra. Exploding!

“Kalimantra dies!”
“Long live Arjuna!”

Kalimantra vanishes
Kalimasada exists

Semarang, 27 November 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito

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