The Death Of Kalakarna

In the early morning
The king holds meeting
With vizier he’s discussing
The princess kidnapping

MANDRAKA.—PRABU SALYA ordered PATIH TUHAYATA to look for Surtikanti around the country. TUHAYATA has been back and ready to give information to the king.

SALYA (curiously). Have you found the princess?

TUHAYATA (feeling guilty). No, sir. But I’d met her lover in Petapralaya and told him about this case.

PUJAWATI (amazingly). She’s not there?

TUHAYATA. No, Madam! But he has promised to help us to find her.

SALYA (cheerfully). Well, but how?

TUHAYATA. He told me that he’s going to meet Janaka in Madukara. Maybe he is the man who kidnaps the Princess.

PUJAWATI. No way! He’s her friend.

SALYA. I think it’s possible. All right, Vizier—you may go and keep searching.

TUHAYATA. Yes, sir!

MADUKARA.— SURYAPUTRA goes to Madukara Palace. He is mad at JANAKA and accuses him of kidnapping her lover. They are about to fight.

SURYAPUTRA (angrily). Janaka! Where’s Surtikanti? Don’t you dare kidnap my darling!

JANAKA (calmly). I don’t hide your lover. But I know the man who has kidnapped her.

SURYAPUTRA (startled). Who? Where’s he? Tell me, Janaka!

JANAKA (smiling). He’s Kalakarna—the King of Awangga.

SURYAPUTRA (while leaving). Ok! I’m going there. I’ll kill him! See you later, Janaka!

AWANGGA. In the front-yard of Awangga Palace, SURYAPUTRA meets KALAKARNA. They have a big fight.

SURYAPUTRA (shouting to KALAKARNA). Hey, you—bastard! Where’s my lover?

KALAKARNA (laughing at him). Who? Yer lover? Huahahahah… not yers! She’s mine!

SURYAPUTRA (spitting on the ground). Khk-cuah! Go to hell—son of a bitch!

(Because of his anger, KALAKARNA tries to hit and kick him.)

(SURYAPUTRA jumps aside and gets a spear.)

SURYAPUTRA (aiming his spear quickly at KALAKARNA). Now, you dead! (He stabs his spear in KALAKARNA’S heart.)


(KALAKARNA falls in war.)

AWANGGA. After killing KALAKARNA, SURYAPUTRA looks for his lover in Awangga Palace. He meets her in the park.

SURYAPUTRA (approaching his lover). Hallo, my dear! Are you OK?

SURTIKANTI (smiling sweetly). Hi! How could you find me here? How did you know if Kalakarna had kidnapped me?

SURYAPUTRA (gazing softly at her). Janaka told me. At first, I accused him of kidnapping you. I know who he is—a playboy.

SURTIKANTI (launghing). Are you jealous?

SURYAPUTRA (smiling). Yes!

SURTIKANTI. Why? He’s your brother.



SURYAPUTRA (proudly). Yes! Let’s go.
(They go home happily, and the curtain falls slowly.)

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