Kembang sungsang cahya kunang
Kadia lintang gilang gumilang
Tembang hyang pangreka dalang
Dadia piwulang wong ngawayang

MERCUKUNDA, SURALAYA—Tribuwana Maharaja Sang Hyang Otipati Pramesti Guru Jagatgirinata is Sang Hyang Manikmaya, leader of Jagat Pramudita sitting on the throne of Dampar Kencana on a silk carpet embroidered by jewelry, visited by the diva leaders of Triloka.

GIRINATA: Kakang Panji Kanekaputra, why hasn't the catastrophe of Triloka finished yet? Even it turns to be calamity. All divas live in misery, all angles are sad; hapsaras are wounded, the sufferings of hapsaris are sorrowful. These all should be overcome, Kang Narada.

NARADA: Eladalah, Adi Guru—dangerous! The weather is deadly bad, Candradimuka is wildly mad, divas are very sad, Tribuwana is threatened by the giant mal-troops because General was refused to be the husband of Supraba. They will not go back to Manimantaka if they do not bring her. That's it, Indra?

INDRA: Yes, Sir! Supraba refuses to love Niwatakawaca. I myself don’t' want to be his father-in-law. Grr phew! How can a giant have a diva as his father-in-law? Sinner!

GIRINATA: O the world of diva! Basically the giants have no ethic. How impolite he is. If they can not be educated, execute! If they don't want to go back, exhale! If they force, terminate! Chase them away from Suralaya.

NARADA: All right, Gusti!—Bayu! Prepare the Triloka's soldiers. Kill the giant troops of Niwatakawaca!

BAYU: Yes, Sir!

“Batara Brama, Batara Surya, Batara Wisnu, Batara Bayu, Batara Sambu, Batara Kamajaya, Batara Yamadipati, Batara Kuwera, Batara Karaba, Batara Bermana, Batara Bermani, Batara Aswan, Batara Aswin, Batara Citragada, Batara Citrasena, Batara Sambodana, Batara Rawiatmaja, Batara Bermanakanda, Hyang Dewatama, Hyang Dewanggana, Hyang Dewasana, Hyang Dewangkara, Hyang Pancadewa, Hyang Pancaweda, Hyang Patuk, Hyang Temboro,—attention!”
“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!—”

Tribuwana's troops
Ready to make war

Giant troops
Are in action

SELAMATANGKEP GATE.—The giant troops are ready to fight to force the divas give Supraba. The war strategy of General Krudaksa, the commander of Manimantaka, looks very powerful. In the left side stands Colonel Discreet; in the right side, Captain Wirakta; and in the back side, Lieutenant Kalawaktra.

KRUDAKSA: Krrk-phew! Diva, diva! Resisting Gusti Niwatakawaca's love is asking for catastrophe. If Supraba is not given to us, Kahyangan Solendrabawana will go to wreck and ruin! Even I'll make Suralaya damaged, ruined, destructive, vanished. Krrk-phew!

DUSKERTA: Good! Don't show off, diva! A giant can get married with an angle. To make inheritance better! Though the giant's smelly, his wife's pretty; though the giant's stingy, his wife's pretty; though a giant, his wife is Supraba. Good, isn't it? Ha, ha, ha!

WIRAKTA: Yeach! Supraba is very pretty. Truly pretty angle has no rival, perfectly beautiful! Oh, Supradin, e, Suprana, ha! It's wrong again—Supra what?

KALAWAKTRA: Walakadalah, Gusti! Look! The gate is opened! The divas are well equipped to fight!

KRUDAKSA: Bastard! Attack!

“Attack! Attack! Attack!—”

The giants attack
The divas back

Wildly battling!
Madly fighting!

“Go forwad, Diva!”
“Brave to Brama?”
“Brama? O, this is the warrior of Deksinapati: why is the diva of fire so cold n frozen! Whoosh!”—(Clap!)
Boxing-attacking (Clunk!) kicking-beating (Plunk!)—“Taste it diva—whoa!”—(Boom!), till blue and black! “Mercy me!”

Uncounted wounded!
Uncounted injured!

“Where is the warrior of divas?”
“Bayu: go forward!”
Boxing-clashed (Thwack!) and kicking-smacked (Smack!)—‘Gulp! Gulp ouch phew! Mad giant! Attack my back! Ouch… oh, oh, ouch! Give up!”—(Crash!)
“Dangerous, Surya!” + “Wisnu, back off!”

Divas' fighting
N to sky flying

NARADA: Dangerous, Adi Guru! The giant troops are really powerful, superpowerful! They make all divas powerless. How is this?

GIRINATA: Be calm, Kang Panji! Indra, look for a diva's warrior. Go to Indrakila—visit Prof Mintaraga.

Indra: Ay, My Majesty!

Batara Indra
Goes to Indrakila

In the middle tale
As comes gara-gara

KARANG KADEMPEL.—The sky above a village in a hilly mountain is like a crimson umbrella. The weather is brightly red! The peak of Indrakila hill looks powerfully beautiful! Singing a kidung song from a palm fiber hut is interesting. Panakawan are singing, dancing and joking.

Gandasari buah ati
Pujaan urang sadaya
Buku pinuh kupapaes
Alus jadi patamanan

“Ha, ha, ha, ha… Sundanese Asmarandana! It's Ok, too. Em, waiting for my boss concentrating, contemplating n meditating—here it is: strange! Em, yesterday he was flirted by Suralaya's chicks, he was still ignorant! Those pretty angles were not gazed by him at all. Even, I couldn’t bear. Ha, ha, ha….”
“That's it, Gong—strictly devoted: meditation for manggayuh karaharjaning praja mamayuayuning bawana.”
“Em, Reng—what's up?”
“Dangerous! A boar in the Lab!”
“Ha? Let's look!”

MINTARAGA: I shot it!

PADYA: I, the shooter!

SEMAR: Stop, Indra!

INDRA: Ha, ha, ha… sorry, Ki Semar—I pretended and teased Mintaraga for Suralaya. He is asked to be a diva's warrior to execute the giant troops of Niwatakawaca. How is it, Prof?

MINTARAGA: OK. I need Ms Supraba participating.

INDRA: All right.

Soon Mintaraga goes
To do his holly duty

Of kembang battling

RIMBAMALA.—Mintaraga is battling with the troops of Manimantaka.

“S-stop! W-who are u?”
“Gong, let's beat em!”
“Great!”—(Thwack! Clunk!) falling-surrendering (Crash! Boom!)—“Feel this! Whoosh!”—(Clunk! Boom!)—“O-o-ouch!”
“Phew! Bastards! Kaladurga, Kaladurjana, Kaladuraksa, Kaladurmala, Kalastuwila, Kaladaksa, Kaladarba, Kalagarba, Kala-duskerta, Kaladusta, Kaladursila—attack!”
“Reng, let's attack em with grenades!” + “Ok!”—(Click! Whoosh!)


The giant troops
Are all vanishing

And no longer
Supraba arrives

SUPRABA: Hello, Prof! Why should I follow u? I'm afraid of the giant. Phew… yuck!

MINTARAGA: Emancipation! This is the conflict of love that turns politically to multi-conflicts. Pretty woman, if smart, can be a political asset. Take a look! Because of love resistance, Niwa-takawaca wants to destroy Suralaya. Libidinal Resistance turns to be a destructive aggression. Dangerous! He should be executed! Nah, in order that he opens his secret, you flirt him—adore him deadly, seduce him madly, tease him till drunk and surrender!


Together they go
To Manimantaka

A Giant love song
Ala Niwatakawaca

MANIMANTAKA.—Suddenly the madly crazy face of General Niwatakawaca looks happily when he meets Supraba.

NIWATAKAWACA: Hait, Supraba! Ha, ha, ha, ha… finally you come here,, oh… Supraba, a multi-pretty chick, a sweet-romantic gal, a sexy-foxy lady, an interesting-wanting virgin, a beautifully wonderful woman, oh… Supraba, I like gazing, looking at u, oh… Supraba, since an ancient time I always miss u, for long time I has been loving u, oh… Supraba, what is wrong with me? Maharaja, wealthy, oh… Supraba, I'm really wow! Do u know that? Whoa, ha, ha, ha….

SUPRABA: So sure, Sir! Wow! Manimantaka is glamour, powerfully beautiful gigantically pretty! I regret I ever refused your love. H-u-uh, cause of my dad, neko-neko! Mercy me, Sir? Truly I love u. thou u are giant, u are a king, very wealthy and super-powerful….

NIWATAKAWACA: Whoa, ha, ha, ha… exactly true, oh… Supraba, no one can be my rival! I'm super-powerful, great-plus-glorious n tough-plus-steady, oh… Supraba, cause I'm smart to hide my weakness—

SUPRABA: What's it?


As the secret's opened
The Pasopati stabs it

Suddenly dies

Semarang, 30 November 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito

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