Balada Utopia Dr Sucitra

The greatness of a king
Is in his wise thinking
The greatness of a state
Justice for people to get

ATASANGIN.—Accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Politics and Social Sciences Prof Dr Kumbayana, Dr Sucitra visits the Rector of Atasangin University Prof Dr Baratwaja.

BARATMAJA: I'm very surprised reading you letter to resign as an academician. Why, Dr Sucitra?

SUCITRA: I'd alter my profession.

BARATMAJA: What profession?

SUCITRA: Politician!

KUMBAYANA: A politician? Nah, hahaha… great! Extraordinary utopian! However, have you thought it twice? Actually, you're a theoretician of social sciences and politics, but you're no a practician. What can you do?

SUCITRA: That's the case! I need political practice. In academic world there's no chance to be a politician. I need political freedom, not just a mere freedom of speech!

BARATMAJA: Does such a freedom exist?

SUCITRA: It is abroad! I'll emigrate to a democratic country.

BARATMAJA: Atasangin is a democratic country. Where are you going to look for democracy?

SUCITRA: Hmh! Atasangin Democracy is pseudo-feudal! I'll go to Pancala. There is succesion in the country. The President of Pancala, Jendral Gandabayu is doing a democratic succesion.

KUMBAYANA: What's that?

SUCITRA: Whoever will be the president of Pancala, if s/he has a power to rivali General Gandamana.

KUMBAYANA: Nah, hahaha… what power do you have? Power Wagon, Power Metal, Power Slave? Nah, hahaha… which one? Theory? Bullshit! All theories exist in discourses, and all discourses differ from reality. More radically, there is no meaning outside a discourse! Nah, Citra never day-dreaming! Be realistic! Educating nation is better than utopia. Nah, hahaha.…

SUCITRA: Sorry, Prof Yan! I dislike debating with you. Our theoretical references are different. I agree with Michel Foucault! Discourse and power can be splitted from reality. It needs proving! Prof Dr Baratwaja—I ask permission to go!

BARATMAJA: All right, have a good trip!

SUCITRA: Good bye, Prof Yan.

KUMBAYANA: Well, be successful! If you succeed, I'll follow you traces. Nah, hahaha… good bye!


Hurrily Sucitra
Goes to Pancala
Pancala Competision
Against Gandamana

PANCALA.—President Gandabayu calls Defense Minister General Gandamana to discuss the succesion.

GANDABAYU: How do you do, General Gandamana? Is there a warrior who can rival you?

GANDAMANA: No, Sir! But there is a new candidate. Dr Sucitra from Atasangin, is a great expert of politics and social sciences, and … still single! Huahaha… please go forward, Dr Sucitra.

SUCITRA: Thank you!

GANDABAYU: Do you know the rule of the competision? Air-war, air duel! If you can rivalize the expertise of General Gandamana's air-war, you will have a right to be the president of Pancala and a right to marry my princess Dewi Gandawati.


GANDAMANA: Huahahaha… surprise! Do you think this is a kickboxing? Obsolet! Let's make air-war! You can choose an aircraft you like.

SUCITRA: Stark dead I'm! Well, let's do it.


Tandang gonera
Sang Gandamana
All citizens watch
The air-war of both

PALAGAN.—General Gandamana steps forward sturdily into a superpowerful aircraft. Dr Sucitra hesitates! Such a competision never exists in his imagination. His thought is only fulfilled by social and political theories. He does not know war strategy. Go back off, how shy! Than back off is it better go for air-war.

“Come on, Sucitra!”
“Ok, I'm ready!” (Whoosh!)

Both aircrafts
Speedily fly

“Long live, General Ganda!” “Long live! Long live!” (Clasp! Clasp! Clasp! Wistle-wistle!) “Wow, stubborn!” Teet! “Your trumpet, Bro—deaf me!” Toeet! “Bastard!” (Thwack!) “Ouch!” (Clunk!) “Taste this!”
“Ssh! Shut up!” “Nuuut-Peanuuut! Peanut, Sir?” “No!” “Cigar, tissue, Getsby!” “No!”
(Thwack!) “Ouch, bitch! Don't buy, don't hit!” “Hahaha…!” (Duut!) “U fart again!” (Phew!) “Rather!”
“Shut up! No voice no noise! Eh, let's gamble?”
“Ok, I nominate Mr Ganda!” (Cplek!) “Great! I, Mr Goen!” “What?” “Heheheh…!”
(Whoosh!) “Miss it” (Boom!)
(Whoosh!) “Gotcha!” (Kaboom!)

Sucitra's aircraft
Is destroyed

“He died?”
“Beat me!”

Gandamana powerfully wins
The champion of competision
Turn to another event
That's called Gara-gara

KARANG KABOLOTAN.—Frozen breeze in a mountain slope. The peak of the hill is foggy. From a hut it is heard a song. A heart consoling song! Panakawan are singing while joking.

Wayang mana, wayang mana?
Wayang eta nu pang jagona
Hayang mana, hayang mana?
Hayang eta nu pang gedena

“Ehm, brr… so cold! Hunting with Mr Pandu, I'm unlacky! He gets the big ones; I
get the small.”
“Of course, Truk! He uses a weapon and you use ketapel. Differance!”
“Ahihi… traditional!”
“How can u rivalize Mr Pandu: modern equipment! Tools are more than talents. Although you have great talents without tools you are slow. All slow shows, you accept. Static culture will rivalize dynamic culture. How comes?”
“Yes, yes! Where's father?”
“With Mr Pandu!”
“Let's go there?”

PANDU: I think my holiday is sufficient, Ki Semar. Let's go to Astina.

SEMARr: OK, Sir!—Sons, let's go!

“Great!” “Okay, Dad!”

Pandu passes
Through the bushes
The attack faces
Perang kembang

ALASAMAR.—Pandu Dewanata battles. All handicaps he thraws away. The attackers run away. Galopping n running!

“Phew, bastard! F-face me Gendir Penjalin!”
“O, Cakil—hit him, Gong!”
(Clunk!) “Ouch!” (Whoosh!) “Feel this!” (Thwack!) “I d-die….” (Crash!)
“Hehe… that's all! Here more!” (Whoosh! Thwack!) “Waaw… your ketapel hit me, Gong! Careless u!” “Hehe…!”
“Babo-babo! Pragalba, Rambutgeni, Padasgempal, Jurang-rawah, Buta Terong, Galiuk—attack!" (Jlap! Jlap! Jlap! Jlap!)
(Whoosh!) “Eat the bomb!”

The giants
All died
It's seen a man
Flying in the sky

“Eh, look, Truk! That!”
“What? A paracutte's falling!”

Here n there run

PANDU: Who are you?

SUCITRA: I'm Sucitra. Oops… luckiy I'm safe! O yeah, who are you?

PANDU: I'm Pandu and he is Ki Semar. Why did you fall over here?

SUCITRA: Yeah… I lose a competision. Badfate! I couldn't rival the expertise of General Gandamana's air-war in Pancala. He's superpowerful!

PANDU: O, that's right! Moreover if he used Wungkalbener Aircraft, he'd not be destroyed. That's the power of Pancala! However, if you like, I can help you.

SUCITRA: What? But—?

SEMAR: Em, hahahah… don't disguise, Mr Citra! General Pandu Dewanata is the President of Astina. He is an expert of polemology, a war warrior.

SUCITRA: O, great!

PANDU: The rival of Wungkalbener Aircraft is Narantaka Aircraft only. It's officer's logics. But it should be completed with a witty intellectuality. It's not only a hard war, but also a soft war. The modernity of Pancala should be rivaled by posmodernity. Remember Toffler's Powershift, and War and Anti-War can be reffered.

SUCITRA: Wow, kawiryan unites with kawinasisan. Too fast asleep I was in political ivory tower. I fall sound asleep in reality, live in utopia. It's like God's bless, I meet General Pandu Dewanata.

PANDU: Drive Narantaka Aircraft. Be successful! Fly!

SUCITRA: Thank you!

Narantaka in a hurry
Flies highly in the sky
Sucitra recently
Wins in the sky

PANCALA.—Dr Sucitra wins! After the competision he is given a rank of General, marries with Dewi Gandawati, and he is inaugurated to be the president of Pancala. Now, his name is General Drupada. And in his government he agrees with General Gandamana that is inaugurated to be vice president.

Pick a flower ina lakonet
Close the Sigotaka Gate

Semarang, December, 24, 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito

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